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  • Hyperhidrosis excessive a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. Symptoms of hyperhidrosis visible sweating, sweating interferes with everyday activities, skin turns soft, white, and peels in certain area, and skin infections.

  • Treatment type:

    • Antiperspirants

    • Prescribe Medication

    • Botulinum Toxin Injection

    • MiraDry

  • MiraDry uses a specialized console to reduce excess sweat glands without the need for surgery. MiraDry® treatment targets both eccrine glands to reduce sweating and apocrine glands to reduce odor. The miraDry® hand-piece uses suctioning to gently position sweat glands closer to the surface in preparation for the procedure. Next, the system delivers precise miraWave™ energy to heat the targeted sweat glands—effectively destroying them. Throughout treatment, miraDry®’s cooling mechanism is applied to the affected area to minimize patient discomfort.

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